Billabong Moon - Billabong Cottage


One of Six private escapes located at Billabong Moon Estate, Billabong Cottage is the prized location on this Hermitage Road estate in Rothbury. Ideal for up to four guests, the cottage is exclusively positioned on the edge of the property’s stunning natural billabong. Surrounded by casuarina woodlands, your days will be spent enjoying this idyllic location watching the ever changing view of the billabong as it reflects the sky. With the best Hunter cellar doors, Muse Kitchen and Botanica Restaurants, Ironbark Brewhouse, Enzo wedding venue and more within moments of your accommodation, Billabong Cottage is the ideal location to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this unique setting or venture out for a great Hunter Valley experience. Billabong Cottage offers a special experience.

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