Vincent Street Kitchen and Bar


Step through the doors at Vincent Street Kitchen and Bar and relax in a space that is fresh, beautiful and just a little bit quirky. They offer casual dining with a sprinkle of flair and a dash of style, fantastic food made with local produce and a great place to sip a craft beer or a custom cocktail at the bar. Enjoy an all-round ah-mazing dining experience.

They are not a club, not a pub they are their own unique spot at Vincent Street Kitchen and Bar and they pride themselves on great service and an amazing food and beverage experience.

Munch on sticky Glazed Lamb Ribs or Pork Belly Bao Buns in the restaurant. Bathe in the sunshine on the terrace while sharing a bottle of wine with loved ones. Vincent Street Kitchen and Bar has a variety of spaces to suit each dining experience – and all in the heart of Cessnock.

They set out to put amazing food on the Menu that is slightly outside the traditional box. They showcase local wines, craft beers and create their own cocktails - all at a reasonable price!

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