Barbecue School


Barbecue School offers a range of Barbecue Courses nationally throughout the year in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Hunter Valley.

The objective of the classes is to turn every participant into a Barbecue Rockstar thanks to their experienced chefs in a nice atmosphere. Barbecue is all about cooking and sharing. Classes demonstrate the ease and versatility of what you can achieve when entertaining friends and cooking on the Barbecue.

During the class of approximately three hours, the participants will get all the tips and tricks to be able to masterchef on the Barbecue and then share the meal they cooked with the group. They will receive an E-Cookbook at the end of the class with all the information needed to reproduce the recipes.

Please note:
As some alcoholic beverages are available during the class, the participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult. All special dietary requirements are welcome but need to be communicated at least three days prior to the class. Please note that it may incur a surcharge.

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