Bronze Bill the Bastard: Australia's Greatest War Horse


Visit Australias greatest War Horse in Murrumburrah-Harden NSW. Home of the First Australian Horse Regiment. Where one of the legends of the WWI battle of Romani – a Waler warhorse called Bill the Bastard because of his obstinate nature – is the star of a new statue at Murrumburrah.

The life-size bronze statue of the massive horse, who weighed 730 kilograms and stood at 17 hands, depicts a famous scene from the battle on August 4, 1916.

Bill was known to allow only one man, Major Michael Shanahan of the Second LHR, to successfully ride him. But in the thick of fighting that day, Bill did something remarkable. Visit Bill the Bastard in Harden-Murrumburrah to discover his story and view Australia’s greatest warhorse recreated by passionate Sculptor Carl Valerius.

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