Sporties Barooga


The qualities of mateship, a sense of community, bringing people together and of course a love of sport are values held in high regard in the country. It’s just who they are!

Recognising a need to create a social hub, where locals could gather after a game of cricket, footy or tennis, or simply catch up after a hard day’s work on the farm – a group of locals banded together to form a licensed club.

Little did those first Directors know, the club, affectionately known as ‘Sporties’, would evolve from a humble tin shed in 1981, to the magnificent showpiece it is today – a real pride of the Murray River Region for locals and visitors alike.

While much has changed, Sporties remains a popular destination to gather, eat, drink, exercise or enjoy. Perhaps equally important is the ability of Sporties to give thousands of dollars back to the local community by funding important local infrastructure projects and charities.

We’re proud of our journey, but in many ways we’re just getting started. We invite you to be part of it. Welcome.

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