Club Lounge at Circa 1936


Whether it’s their hugely popular antipasto platter, an espresso coffee , or a glass of Rutherglens finest wine in the afternoon, the Lounge will delight your senses. With an atmosphere akin to a 19th century luxury hotel, the Japan black floors beneath stark white walls and ceilings, allow the artworks and décor to come alive and captivate your eyes. The Michael Moerkerk commissioned "Pennies from Heaven" wall art forms the perfect backdrop to the 1937 Steck grand piano, and our selection of freshly baked desserts and cakes will remind you of days when Grandma baked just for the family, and special friends. While the finest full leaf Circa Teas will bring a new meaning to having a "cuppa", for others their nostalgia will be ignited by the simplicity of a glass of ice cold homemade lemonade or freshly squeezed orange juice. For the dinner, you can enjoy ten course tapas dinner. Their club lounge is unique experience for not to be missed.

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