Corowa Distilling Co


Listed as one of the top 10 up and coming whisky distillery’s in the world in 2017 and named a ‘whisky brand’ of the future by ‘the spirit business’, Corowa Distilling Co has had product for sale since August 2018. In the small border town of Corowa, NSW there is a historic and alluring 1920’s flour mill repurposed to be more than just another tourist attraction.

Convincing the Local Council to sell the building for the sum of $1 provided a great impetus for the distillery. After many months of training in some of the greatest distilleries throughout Scotland and Tasmania, the concept of Corowa Distilling Co was flourishing. An incredible display of true Australian craft.

Those at Corowa Distilling Co don’t want you to view whisky as just another drink or them as just another distillery. They want their visitors to look at whisky as an experience, a culture and a passion. They invite you to consider whisky as a journey and join them at Corowa Distilling Co on a journey that you can be part of.

Corowa Whisky is a Real Place, with Real People making Real Whisky.

This is Corowa Whisky, made by Corowa Distilling Co.

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