Royal Hotel Corowa


The Royal Hotel Corowa is steeped in history having been originally built in the late 1800’s. Lis and Michael Newnham, who purchased the hotel in 2017, are proud to showcase that history with their renovations keeping the hotels historic feel while updating the main bar and kitchen. 

Lis and Michael pride themselves on awesome customer service and amazing food. They work hard to ensure that visitors to The Royal Hotel get the same service and quality that they themselves are used to in the city.

The Royal Hotel features 10 family-friendly rooms, with comfy beds and newly refurbished facilities. When staying in the newly refurbished room you can imagine bygone days and the guests who may have occupied these rooms such as commercial travellers, surgeons, dentists, coroners (a commercial room was set aside for this specific purpose) and for general club meetings.

Make your stay in Corowa memorable by staying in the best Pub in town. Comfortable beds with heating and air-conditioning in each room. A fabulous modern and spacious bar area and roomy indoor and outdoor dining facilities suitable for any occasion. Even if you are looking for an early morning coffee, the drive through will satisfy that need.

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