Australian Country Music Hall of Fame


The Country Music Hall of Fame is now open at its new location in Tamworth.

The Australian Country Music Hall of Fame, including the Walk a Country Mile exhibit, features an unmatched collection of memorabilia from Australian Country music artists.

Displaying clothing, musical instruments and other collectibles from the earliest pioneers of Australian country music such as Smoky Dawson, Buddy Williams, Tex Morton June Holms, Shirley Thoms right through to current artists Beccy Cole, Adam Harvey, Amber Lawrence and many more.

The displays are changed regularly. Some of the current displays are of The Blanch Family (Arthur, Berice and Jewel) along with their Boomerang guitar. Pitt Family. A stage with Buddy Williams stage clothing and three of the artists who toured around Australia with him.

The Walk A Country Mile display has a range of static displays as well as videos depicting the history of Tamworth and the Australian Country music stories

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