Breaker Morant Drive

Breaker Morant Drive is a 500 metre Drive that surrounds the Oval in Kitchener Park, Gunnedah.

Harry Harbord Morant was born at Bideford, Devon, England in 1865 and migrated to Australia at the age of 19, working in Queensland and northern New South Wales as a drover and horse breaker. Known as 'the breaker', because of his occupation, he is said to have broken wild horses and feminine hearts with equal skill.

Morant worked for a period on Pullaming Station, Gunnedah during the 1890s and legend recalls that he rode horses over the jumps on Kitchener Park, among them 'the rattler' who was owned by local businessman R.R. Prichard. 'The rattler' was broken in by Morant and for several years held the Australian high jump record.

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