Koala Reserve


Known to locals as Koala Reserve, Narrandera Nature Reserve is part of Murrumbidgee Valley National Park and home to over 200 koalas. It’s a great place for walking and cycling.

At Koala reserve, the whole family will love to see hundreds of these iconic Australian animals in the wild. This is an ideal environment for them - river red gums are a great source of food and Murrumbidgee River offers a cooler location on hotter days. Look out for them in branches overhanging the river.

In 1972, at a time when no koalas had been seen around these parts since 1900, koalas were re-introduced into Narrandera district from Victoria and Queensland. Through heatwaves, flooding and fire, a healthy population has survived and there are believed to be well over 200 koalas living in the area.

Koala reserve, as its known locally, is within Murrumbidgee Valley Nature Reserve (sign-posted as Narrandera Nature Reserve) and has no formal picnic facilities. So roll out a picnic blanket and bring a prepacked lunch. Then either enjoy an independent walk or cycle through the reserve to see how many koalas you can spot, or contact Narrandera Visitor Centre for information on tours.

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