K-9 Queanbeyan

Sunday 10 November 2019


K-9 is an awesome family fun event that has given a whole new meaning to the words puppy power!

No need to worry you aren't at the greyhound track, so take all the time you need, letting your furry friend lead the way around a four kilometre muddy, crazy, fun and exciting obstacle course.

There will be some obstacles that only your pooch can do, but don't worry there will be lots of others for you and all the family to join in with.

Remember, any dog, any age, any size, any fitness, socialised or not (humans too), it's even okay if you're as fit as a butchers dog but please don't bring the cat!

You'd be barking mad to miss this, so be the leader of the pack and start building your K-9 Team today!

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