Ferntree Gully Reserve

Ferntree Gully is a highly scenic rainforest area 17 kilometres north of Rylstone. There are many walking tracks at Ferntree Gully that take you down into the cool narrow fern-tree studded valley floor, and/or around the top edge of the rocks where you can get an overview of the valley and the unusual rock formations on either side.

A loop walk takes you through unique plant communities ranging from western dry sclerophyll to lush rainforest in and around a deep and narrow gully of eroded sandstone rock. Allow a minimum of one hour to do the loop walk and longer if you linger to enjoy the rock formations, ferns and orchids along the way. Take food and water. The walk through the gully, returning via the top track system, requires a reasonable degree of fitness.

Plants to look out for include large fig trees, the Pandora pandoreana with its entangled maze of roots and rock orchids, some of which are unique.

Keep an eye out for a lyre bird, rare powerful owl, scrub turkey or a glossy black cockatoo. Echidnas, marsupial mice and several species of snake are also found here, along with grey kangaroos, wombats and wallabies.

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