CSIRO Australia Telescope Narrabri


CSIRO's Australia Telescope Compact Array is a world leading instrument for radio astronomy and deep views into the universe.

Just 25 kilometres west of Narrabri on the Yarrie Lake Road (which is fully sealed), in rural New South Wales, the array consists of six 22 metre dish antennas, weighing 270 tonnes each, located on a six kilometre road and railway track to simulate one very large antenna!

Open seven days a week, admission is free. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the antennas and wander through indoor and outdoor astronomy exhibits. The theatre features free films on space and astronomy.

Visits by the general public are always welcome.

Please note that this is a radio quiet site and it is a requirement that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are disabled on all devices and no electronic equipment may be used. Phones must be switched to Airplane/Flight mode and may be used for photography. The use of Selfie Sticks and drones is not permitted.

Due to current health advice on social distancing, please contact the business for the most up to date information regarding opening times and services.

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