Mulwaree High School Remembrance Museum


The Mulwaree High School Remembrance Museum includes a growing collection of primarily Goulburn and District military memorabilia, totalling about 7,000 items. The collection contains militaria from the Vietnam War right back to the New Zealand Maori War, fought in the mid-nineteenth century.

Acquisitions include battlefield relics from Gallipoli and France, prisoner of war relics from Hellfire Pass, uniforms, medals, ordnance, photos, diaries, flags, and personal effects.

The museum also focuses on collecting information and exhibits on men and women from the district that served in wars.

A Remembrance Corridor along the eastern and northern boarders of the school is comprised of an Australian native tree for every Goulburn and District service man or woman killed in active service during the two World Wars and the Vietnam War.

2019 Exhibition - The theme of the Great War Centenary continues this year, with the focus on "Returning Troops, the Spanish Influenza Pandemic - the Aftermath of War". Because of the tyranny of distance and the lack of suitable transport ships, many service personnel were still arriving back in Australia well into the 1920's.

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