Crookwell Garden Festival

Event dates to be confirmed: November 2020


***Latest event details are yet to be confirmed***

A cool climate, rich soils and reliable rainfall make Crookwell a gardener’s paradise. The district also features a vibrant and stimulating arts community, many of whom are passionate gardeners. This happy combination has led to the creation of some truly inspirational local gardens.

Any time is a great time to visit Crookwell, but for a gardener Spring has to be one of the best. With lengthening days the gardens burst into life with lush new foliage and abundant blossoms. Crookwell Garden Festival celebrates this joyfully exuberant season by opening a carefully selected range of eight to ten of the finest local gardens.

It’s an opportunity to see some exquisite garden gems and meet the green thumbs who have lovingly created them. The festival features different gardens each year and the committee aims to include a varied selection of garden styles.

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