Tooloom Lookout

Tooloom lookout offers extensive scenic views of the deep green canopy of World Heritage Tooloom Scrub and west across farmland and forested hills out to Great Dividing Range. It’s only a short stroll from Tooloom picnic area to the ridge top through tall eucalypt forest, with a yellow understorey of blady and kangaroo grasses, and acacia scrub.

Along the way, keep an eye out for southern angle-headed dragons basking in the warming sun clinging to the side of a stump, sapling, or tree buttress. You’ll have to look carefully because they’re experts in camouflage. If one sees you first, it’s likely to slide silently from view rather than dash for cover. You’re also likely to see at least one of the 10 different species of wallabies and kangaroos on your way to the lookout. Black-striped wallabies, also known as scrub wallabies, have a distinct dark stripe running from neck to rump.

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