Sarah Jane Country Craft


Sarah Jane Country Craft offers a range of quality handmade craft items to give your home a country touch or perhaps provide a perfect gift. They also have a range of craft accessories and kits for those that like to sew. You can find their shop on the farm at Frogmore on the road to Wyangla Dam.

Their Beautifully made range of handmade gifts includes cushions, quilts, wall hangings, table runners, place mats, bags, dolls, teddy bears as well as other novelty and decorator items. They have a lovely range of Christmas items which might be just the thing to decorate your home at Christmas. Each item can be considered unique with the ranges of colours and fabrics on display.

They also have arrange of quilting and stitchery patterns, threads, buttons, kits, books, hangers and hooks as well as pre-cut papers for the popular E.P.P. If you like to sew or perhaps prefer a finished craft item, they have something to suit you.

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