Denningtons Cottage


Denningtons Cottage was constructed in 1858 and is part of the department's Conservation Lease Program, where members of the public submit proposals to conserve the property in exchange for a long term lease.
This property is Denningtons Cottage is a quaint historical house of Hill End that has become a haven for ceramic artists. Originally built in 1858 as a miner’s cottage, it withstands as a historical snapshot of the living conditions of those seeking their fortune during the gold rush period of the late 1800s.
Today, visitors are welcome to view the pottery ceramic artworks which are shown here, but it’s best to call ahead. La Paloma Pottery, meaning dove in Spanish, is a charming workshop producing fine ceramics and pottery.
Privately leased by La Paloma Pottery and the potter often welcomes visitors to view his work.

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