Jilliby State Conservation Area


Located near Central Coast, Jilliby State Conservation Area is a popular place for 4WD touring, mountain biking, horse riding and long bush walks through the forest.

Jilliby State Conservation Area allows you to escape into a natural haven, with the advantage of being so close to Central Coast. The park is also an idyllic spot for horse riding, mountain biking, walking and adventures in your 4WD.

Explore many of the trails throughout the landscape and when you feel like a rest, set up a picnic at any of the two picturesque picnic areas located at Muirs lookout or Stoney Ridge. From Muirs lookout, scenic views stretch out to Lake Macquarie and Lake Munmorah, with a glimpse of the coastline and Bird Island in the far distance.

Birdwatching is a treat in Jilliby as there are over 130 recorded species in Watagan Range. However, if you prefer bushwalking, then keep your eyes peeled for the local wildlife. There have been over 150 native animals recorded in the area, including endangered animals like the yellow-bellied glider and the yellow-bellied sheath-tail bat.

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