Iris Lodge Alpacas


This is a farm experience on the Central Coast of NSW.

You'll visit their farm Iris Lodge which is a working grazing property on the Central Coast NSW where you'll meet alpacas, wiltipoll sheep, horses and cows.

At Iris Lodge Alpacas they offer their guests the opportunity to experience life on the farm and get to know their animals.

The day commences with a discussion on alpacas where you learn about these curious animals followed by feeding them where you will get up close to them. Some will eat from from hands or bowls of food whilst you hold it.

After the alpacas have had their breakfast their flock of wiltipoll sheep will be waiting eagerly for their breakfast where you can hand feed them and give them a good back rub.
Next its time for a cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs, and / or cereal and juice.

After breakfast you have the opportunity to meet their horses and cows or revisit the alpacas.

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