Kanangra-Boyd lookout


Accessible to all, including those in wheelchairs, Kanangra-Boyd lookout offers unparalleled views across one of Australia’s most spectacular landscapes; Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. From the unfenced lookout, an easy 10 minutes walk from the Kanangra Walls carpark, you can peer out over Kanangra Deep to Kanangra Walls and in the distance, Mount Cloudmaker, which is often circled by mist.

Remember to look up, though. If you adjust your gaze skywards, you may see some soaring wedge-tail eagles. On the trail to the lookout, there’s a revegetation area abundant with silver banksia, bright red mountain devils and white flowering hakeas. During spring, peer into the undergrowth where you might see the antechinus, a small, rodent-like marsupial. They breed from November to January.

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