Federal Pass


If you like your scenic views from the ground up, you’ll love this magnificent walk through Jamison Valley.

Originally built by the Katoomba community, from Leura Forest to Katoomba Falls, the track was extended on the old horse-drawn coal tramway line and now goes all the way to Ruined Castle, on the other side of Jamison Valley.

This historic walking track follows the base of the cliffs from Leura to Ruined Castle, passing forests, waterfalls and the iconic Three Sisters. You can join Federal Pass at four places and each junction involves a challenging climb down and back up the valley.

Descending any of the stairways to join the historic track, marvel at the scenic views of the dramatic cliff line. You’ll pass through dense forests and cool clear waterfalls, so pick your spot for a picnic. Remember to take your binoculars if you want to birdwatch.

If you’re after a real heart-pumping finish, take the stairs back to the top, or enjoy an exhilarating train ride to the top at Scenic World.

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