Wentworth Visitor Information Centre

Call into the Visitor Information Centre to pick up your Drive Trail Map and discover the attractions that others miss. The friendly and helpful team will guide you around the area and do their absolute best to answer all your travelling queries.

Wentworth Shire is a region of great diversity and it offers you the opportunity to experience an introduction to outback Australia.

It is a land of rivers, creeks and lagoons; of windmills, bores and waterholes. There are miles of saltbush, acacia, casuarina and mallee, wide flat plains, drifting desert sands, red roads and cobalt blue skies.

Magnificent ancient eucalyptus trees that are regal, gnarled and twisted, plentiful wildflowers, kangaroos of grey, blue or red, eagles, hawks, parrots and the beautiful little azure blue finches all make up the unique landscape of this exciting region.