Pro Dive: Lord Howe Island


Lord Howe Island boasts the world’s most southerly barrier reef and is truly a diving paradise. The island’s vibrant undersea ecosystems and plethora of endemic species are protected by both NSW and Commonwealth Marine Parks allowing divers to experience exceptional diving in uncrowded and unspoilt waters.

The diving around Lord Howe Island is as varied as it is spectacular. From shallow fresh water sink holes within the
confines of the lagoon, to deep pinnacles, caves, walls, drifts and gutters to explore, from macro to wide angle
Lord Howe Island has it all.

The dive season runs from September to June as these months generally offer the most stable diving conditions. Sea temperatures range from 19 - 26 degrees celcius. During this time, visibility has been known to reach 70 metres and average visibility sits at approximately 30 metres.

Diving with Pro Dive Lord Howe Island will allow you to experience these unique waters first hand. Their new, purpose built 9.5 metre dive boat allows them to access sheltered points of the island in all but adverse conditions, in a comfortable and safe manner.

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