Ned Kelly Raid Trail of 1879 Jerilderie

Walk in the steps and visit the sites of the Ned Kelly Gang's raid on Jerilderie.

Ned Kelly came to Jerilderie in 1879 - with a bounty on his head, he could be shot on sight by anyone. Yet Ned boldly relieved the Bank of £2000, chopped down the telegraph poles, locked the police in their own cells, booked up the cost of shoeing his horses to the police. He held more than 30 hostages while shouting the bar and burned the mortgages held in the bank's safe - all in three days.

No person aware of Ned Kelly's presence in Jerilderie took advantage of the AUD260,000 reward for his capture or made an attempt on his assassination. The main purpose of Ned Kelly's visit to Jerilderie was to have his manifesto published; now known as The Jerilderie Letter. The document didn't surface until 100 years after the event.