Light to Light Camps


The iconic Light to Light Walk follows some of Southeast Australia’s most spectacular coastline. Light to Light Camps enables you to explore this uniquely stunning coastline without the burden of carrying all your gear. You walk - they work on enhancing the experience with all you require. They provide walking gear, food and wine, water, hot showers and luxurious camping equipment, amongst the wilderness of the Australian bush. You carry just a daypack - and your camera.

Located in Ben Boyd National Park in Australia’s Coastal Wilderness region, the 31 kilometre track passes rock dating back over 400 million years, a marine environment with incomparable diversity, coastal heath and forests of Banksia and Ti-tree. Ancient Aboriginal shell middens on the shores showcase a resource-rich ocean. The stories of an incredible and long-lasting relationship between whalers and Killer Whales adds to the mystery and wonder of this place.

This place is very special. Explore it at your own pace without the burden of tents, food and water, and be spoiled at the end of the day with delicious dinners, a hot shower and luxurious camp beds, sleeping bags, sheets and towels.

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