Harry Nanya Tours

Mungo National Park contains the longest continuous record of Aboriginal life in Australia, dating back over 50,000 years ago. Who's better to tell the story of Mungo, than the traditional caretakers of this land?

Harry Nanya Tours has experienced Paakantyi Aboriginal guides leading the way. Tours explore Mungo National Park, departing from Wentworth, Mildura, or Mungo.

The Mungo tour takes you to the enormous flank of clay and sand that make up the Walls of China, and which surround part of the ancient dried-up Lake Mungo.

Harry Nanya Tours is named after Harry Nanya, one of the last Aborigines in NSW to live by traditional hunting techniques. About 1860, Nanya left his camp and vanished into waterless country with two women and a steel axe. He reappeared more than thirty years later, with 27 children.

Harry Nanya Tours is an accredited Aboriginal owned and operated multi award-winning business.

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