Coffs Skydivers

Skydiving is the ultimate in excitement and fun! Face your fears and set yourself free!

Coffs Skydivers beach skydive is an incredible and sometimes life changing experience. Lifting your day to extraordinary, the freefall provides a level of feeling and intensity that is seldom found elsewhere. Followed by the counterpoint of a parachute ride, allowing time for the experiences to sink in, as you look around and feel like a bird, flying through the sky on your way back to the beautiful planet earth.

You will skydive over 300 kilometres of pristine coastline with a backdrop of the Great Dividing Range before landing on the beach in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Imagine standing on the beach, your heart pumping, feeling totally blissed out, you've just landed! You look to the waves, then back up at the sky, and realise "I can fly"! It's the best feeling on earth.