Byron Bay Taster Tours


Byron Bay Taster Tours is run by a collective group of passionate locals.

They are lucky enough to have some truly amazing passionate local guides as part of their group who specialise in running beer and foodie tours across the Byron Bay region.

Every one of them agrees that their best experiences came from seeing new places through the eyes of locals, sampling local produce, seeing where and how it’s made and talking to the growers and the makers. Food just tastes better where it’s grown, beer tastes better where it’s brewed, whisky tastes better where it’s distilled and wine tastes better where it’s produced.

Consuming local produce does more than supporting local families and creating local communities, it enhances your enjoyment of the produce by knowing where it’s from and how it’s made. This experience is unbelievably heightened when surrounded by rolling hills, calm bays, wild coastlines and stunning rainforest they are lucky enough to call home.

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