Australian Silo Art Trail - NSW


The Australian Silo Art Trail is the work of one dedicated silo art trail enthusiast, with the help of one very loving husband who aids in driving her around the country to see, photograph and help document them all.

They are Eric and Annette Green and they started their Great Australian Adventure back in March 2018 and headed out from Mandurah in Western Australia to see and visit as many towns as they could along the way.

Very early on in their trip, Eric took them to see their first painted silos in Ravensthorpe, Western Australia. This one experience was to changed their lives forever.
But where were all the others?

There was hardly any information about them on the internet and at that time.

It was a this stage they created the Australian Silo Art Trail Facebook page. Mainly so they could remember where they all were and so other Australians knew where they were as well.

To find all the silo art around Australia, please visit their website.

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