Aagal Yaluuwi Creations Cultural Tours


Come and share the beautiful coast of Angourie on their 2.5 hour walking tour with Aboriginal Elder, Michael Laurie Senior and his son, Michael. Their morning will begin with a welcome into country and traditional smoking ceremony before they journey from Angourie Blue Pools to Mara Creek. Along the walk you will learn traditional stories of country, their use of foods and other natural resources and their connections with coastal animals, dance and song.

The father and son guides have a family extensive history with the local area.
They are very passionate about sharing their knowledge of the local Clarence Valley area and welcome participants to ask questions and yarn along the way.

Aagal and Yaluuwi are both words from the Yaygirr Language group of the Clarence Valley, encompassing the coastal area from Wooli to Iluka on the North Coast of NSW. Aagal means sea/waves and Yaluuwi means coast/shore. Since the beginning, their people have connected with the land along the coast. It has given them their language, their songs, their stories, their ceremonies. The waves are their heartbeat and the shore keeps them grounded.

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