Film Locations

There’s a reason why so many movies are shot in NSW, its landscape is so varied that it works as settings for a range of different worlds. You have the striking beauty of Outback NSW, the Snowy Mountains gives you dramatic peaks, Country NSW is pretty-as-a-picture and the South Coast has fishing villages and uncrowded beaches aplenty.

Broken Hill and Silverton are outback towns best known for creating apocalyptic worlds. Blockbusters including Mad Max 2, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,  Mission Impossible and Baz Luhrmann’s  Australia were filmed in and around Broken Hill, which can be reached from Sydney by train or aircraft.

The Mad Max Museum in Silverton is painted with scenes from the famous movie

Broken Hill started out as a mining town and tour operators such as Tri State Safaris and Silver City Tours offer outback tours. You can also find 19th-century buildings in nearby in Silverton. The Silverton Hotel, built circa 1880, is a popular film setting and the town is home to the Mad Max Museum.

Parkes, in Country NSW, is home to Parkes Radio Telescope which featured in The Dish, a comedy about the contribution of the telescope to the 1969 Apollo Moon landing. You can visit the CSIRO’s Parkes Observatory, which is 20 km north of Parkes, and discover more about space.

Outback simpson desert with Tri State Safaris in Broken Hill, Outback NSW

The Snowy Mountains features in Jindabyne, a crime mystery, and in The Man from Snowy River, based on Banjo Patterson's epic poem of the same name. You can take horseriding tours of this splendid region.

In the Southern Highlands you have Robertson, the location of the feel-good family flick Babe.

On the South Coast, Bermagui is popular for big-game fishing and featured in the comedy The Man Who Sued God, starring Billy Connolly. Ben Mendelson starred in the heartfelt drama Mullet, set in Kiama.