Featured Photographer: James Macree

14 September 2013

Born and raised in Sydney, my childhood holidays were always done in a car and even then I would sit and be mesmerised by whatever landscape was sliding by the window.

I had developed an interest in photography when I finished school, however it really took off when I got my first car. The freedom this brought was liberating and searching for quiet windy roads to drive often brought me to beautiful locations both within Sydney or beyond. As I moved into my full-time career, my girlfriend, also a very talented photographer, and I, still find this is a great way to unwind on a weekend.

We both spend our time day-dreaming and planning our next adventure. Sometimes we plan a trip around a particular location, others we just decide to drive in a particular direction and see where the day takes us. Recently, we spent a over a week exploring the far-north coast of NSW, covering Coffs Harbour, Armidale, Dorrigo, Yamba, Angourie, Ballina and Byron Bay. This trip was a real eye opener for me, being much further than we had driven before, I found that the coast line and landscape was really quite different from what I was used to around Sydney, and incredibly diverse. I decided that after this trip, my new favourite place in the entire world, is a small piece of reserve on a headland in Angourie, I was blown away by the movie like beauty and tranquility I found here, I wanted to spend a entire week here, a few hours taking photos didn’t satisfy me!

Aside from the North Coast, I also frequent the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and occasionally the South Coast and Southern Highlands regions. My photography gives me a reason to explore new places and a reason to really stop for a moment, observe and capture the beautiful in a moment that I am experiencing. I love being able to share these experiences through my images and I honestly hope that throughout my life, this passion never fades.

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Medlow Bath, Blue Mountains

Hydro Majestic Hotel, Medlow Bath, Blue Mountains. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

The once grand Hydro Majestic, Medlow Bath, Blue Mountains. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

The once grand Hydro Majestic, Medlow Bath. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Lennox Bridge Lapstone

Hidden pathway, Lennox Bridge, Lapstone. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Bronte Ocean Pool

Bronte Ocean Pool at dawn. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Waterfall Way Kiama

The Waterfall Way, near Cathedral Rocks National Park, Armidale. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Coffs Harbour Jetty

The Coffs Harbour Jetty just after sunrise. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Turners Beach Yamba

A lone surfer jumping in for an evening surf at Turner’s Beach, Yamba. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Clarence River Harwood

The Clarence River, near Harwood, a 20 second exposure taken at approximately 10pm. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Newcastle Ocean Baths

Newcastle Ocean Baths. Feet getting very wet. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Hartley, Blue Mountains

Near Hartley, Blue Mountains. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Govetts Leap Lookout, Blackheath

Govetts Leap Lookout, Blackheath, Blue Mountains approx 7.30am but still only about 5 degrees or less if you include the 70kmh wind-chill factor. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Mount Wilson

Mount Wilson Foliage in Autumn. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Sommersby Falls

A creek near Sommersby Falls. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Ruins of St Mary's chapel, near Goulburn. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Ruins of St Mary’s chapel, near Goulburn. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Angourie Surf Reserve

Angourie Surf Reserve- one of my favourite places in the world. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

Angourie Road, Angourie

Angourie Road, Angourie- a 1min exposure taken at approx. 7pm. Image Credit: Lensflare Photo

One Tree Canberra area

One Tree, after massive thunderstorms in Canberra area. Image Credit: Lensflare photo