Wollongong – Hang gliding at Bald Hill, Stanwell Park

2 April 2013

Have you ever wanted to feel the sensation of flying? Tandem hang gliding is the perfect way to experience exactly this – and there’s no better place in New South Wales to take to the skies than Bald Hill in Stanwell Park in Wollongong.

This is the home base for the Sydney Hang Gliding Centre, and whether you have plenty of experience or are keen to try hang gliding for the first time, the friendly team here is happy to help.

Bald Hill has long been known as a famous lookout and played an important role in Australia’s aviation history. In the early years of the 20th century, flight pioneer Lawrence Hargrave used the beach below Bald Hill to experiment with box kites – and today, visitors can view a memorial cairn dedicated to him at the hill’s peak.

Established in 1982, the Sydney Hang Gliding Centre boasts a perfect safety record and – weather permitting – they are available every day of the year to take you flying. Best of all, Bald Hill is located close to the Stanwell Park railway station, which is just an hour’s journey south of the NSW capital by train or car.

If you plan to make the journey by car, you won’t want to miss the stunning Grand Pacific Drive, a 140-kilometre coastal drive south along the coast from the Royal National Park. You can see the Sea Cliff Bridge, which extends along the route, from the famous lookout atop Bald Hill.

Alternatively, regular South Coast Rail trains are in operation between Sydney and Wollongong – and you can even make arrangements for a Sydney Hang Gliding Centre representative to pick you up when you arrive.