There’s Nothing Like…Wine Tasting in the Hunter Valley

31 October 2011

wine tastings hunter valley

Do you like sampling wine and going on winery tours? Have you ever been to the Hunter Valley? With more than 120 wineries, the Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most popular wine destinations – and it’s only 90 minutes outside of Sydney.

If you want to see the best and most popular vineyards in the Hunter Valley there are many tours to choose from once you’ve arrived, plus a selection of tours that leave right from Sydney. Either way, it’s easy to explore Australia’s oldest wine producing region in one afternoon.

Some of the big names that call the region home are wineries such as Lindemans, McWilliams, Rothbury, and Wyndham Estate. However don’t forget to try others like Tyrells and Draytons or one of the boutique vineyards such as Tempus.. No matter where you go, the wine sampling opportunities to be had are endless.

Hunter Valley is chocked full of award-winning wines, but it doesn’t end there – there’s plenty of excellent restaurants and produce shops close at hand. So while enjoying a winery tour, don’t forget to grab an array of locally produced cheese, smokehouse goods, chocolates, coffee and olives – all the perfect fixings for a relaxing picnic. Add to this the stunning scenery of the Brokenback Mountain Range and the Hunter River and you’ve got a taste of life in the Hunter Valley.

Have you had an amazing experience wine tasting in Hunter Valley?