There’s Nothing Like…Touring the Jenolan Caves

31 October 2011

Jenolan Caves Blue Mountains

If you’re looking for another great day trip around Sydney look no further than the Jenolan Caves. These caves, located in the Blue Mountains, are regarded as one of the most outstanding cave systems across Australia, which means the experience won’t disappoint! The Jenolan Cave network is enormous – over 40 km of multi-level passages, most of which is still undergoing active exploration.

There are 11 different and unique show caves, plus underground rivers and plenty of awe-inspiring formations. Whether you’re in for an adrenaline packed adventure or a more leisurely and relaxed tour, Jenolan Caves suits every age and every fitness level.

The guides offer plenty of different cave tours ranging from the standard tour with stories of its discovery to adventure caving, ghost tours and even night tours. There’s also a self-guided tour through “Nettle Cave” available in 11 different languages.

Keep in mind, not everything to do at Jenolan Caves is underground – there’s always checking out the beautiful Blue Lake and depending on the time of day you can see plenty of wildlife, including platypus.

Have you had an amazing experience visiting the Jenolan Caves?