Sydney Writers’ Festival (May 14 – 20)

23 April 2012

Sydney Writers Festival
If you love literature, ideas and all things books, then you’ll be in heaven at the 2012 Sydney Writers’ Festival. It’s Australia’s largest annual celebration of literature and ideas; this year they’re focusing on the fine line between what is considered private and what is public. Thanks to channels like Twitter and Facebook, we’ve all experienced that not everything should be told.

For one week every May the Sydney Writers’ Festival brings together authors of the very best contemporary fiction and nonfiction, as well as some of the world’s leading public intellectuals, scientists and journalists.

This weeklong festival is designed to stimulate, move, inspire and provoke you, and with over 300 events and more than 400 participants you’ll be busy! If you’re worried about what it might do to your wallet, don’t worry too much—half of the 300 events are free! You can browse the list of events by cost here. The venues stretch from the hub of the festival, at Walsh Bay, all the way up to the Blue Mountains and attract an audience of roughly 80,000.

With the finest literary writing at the Festivals’ core, the programming is driven by the ideas and issues that animate all forms of writing. Plus, for the family oriented, there’s an entire list of family-friendly activities too!

For any questions, and to find all event, location and cost information, check out the Sydney Writers’ Festival website.