Seafood Tasting on the Sapphire Coast

23 August 2018

The Sapphire Coast is a ‘meeting of the waters.’ Where two powerful ocean currents merge, from Antarctica and the Equator. The intersection of these two currents creates the perfect conditions for thriving marine life along the Sapphire Coast, making it a top destination for abundant and fresh local produce.

Read on to discover more about some of the Sapphire Coast’s seafood hotspots.


Oysters are one of the finest delicacies of the Sapphire Coast. At Wheelers Seafood Restaurant, Oyster Farm, and Gift Shop, you can discover how the Sapphire Coast’s award-winning oysters end up on your plate. Wheelers offers tours of their state-of-the-art factory, where visitors can learn about the full life cycle of oysters and the history of oyster farming on the coast. No bookings are necessary; simply arrive before tours begin at 11:00 am.

After you’ve completed the tour, take a seat and taste the delectable oysters that have been a part of the region’s history. Wheelers Restaurant offers a menu that highlights the freshness and quality of the region’s local produce.

Oyster Shucking on the Sapphire Coast, South Coast NSW. Image Credit: DNSW

Captain Sponge’s Magical Oyster Tour, Sapphire Coast South Coast NSW. Image Credit: DNSW


Eden is a natural paradise, home to rich and varied seafood experiences. ‘Taste of the Sea’ tours by Australia’s Coastal Wilderness Adventures offer the exceptional experience of snorkelling and sustainably collecting Blacklip Abalone, Eastern Rock Lobster, mussels and sea urchin. Local guides offer the education you need to sustainably gather the local produce. After you’ve foraged, you’ll feast, with a fresh and delicious seafood meal prepared onsite with an interactive seafood cooking demonstration.

K&C Henry Wonboyn Rock Oysters have farmed rock oysters for over 25 years and harvest award-winning oysters every season. You can try their produce at their shed in Myrtle Cove, but call ahead. The oyster farm is around a half an hour drive from Tathra. If you feel like staying local there are a number of seafood restaurants around Eden Wharf serving up fresh, local produce straight from the ocean.


Tathra is a gorgeous Sapphire Coast town where you can taste freshly shucked oysters grown in national park wilderness. There are also many other delicious seafood options. Nestled within Mimosa Rocks National Park are the pristine waters of Nelson’s Lake, where Tathra Oysters grow their exquisite Sydney Rock Oysters. Stop into one of the many local fish and chip shops that feature fresh fish straight from the ocean. Tathra Hotel Bistro, Tathra Seafoods, and Mimosa Wines and Drystone Restaurant are all known for their locally sourced produce.

Sapphire Coast Coastal Walks. Image Credit: DNSW

Bittangabee Bay on the Light to Light WalkSapphire Coast Coastal Walks. Image Credit: DNSW


The Sapphire Coast is all about farming and foraging for seafood from the most pristine waters. In Bermagui, you’ll find perhaps the most pristine waters of all. Wapengo Lake is fed by the natural landscape of Mumbulla Mountain, a sacred place to the Yuin people. Since oyster farming began on the coast in the 1880s, Wapengo Lake has been the home to native oysters, but the area has also adopted more modern sustainable practices. Drop into the oyster bar at Wapengo Rocks for a taste of their sensational seafood.

Bermagui also offers the opportunity to see the day’s catch being unloaded at the Fisherman’s Wharf. Nearby, Blue Wave Seafood delivers a menu of fresh-caught seafood from the waters of the Sapphire Coast. All fresh seafood is processed on the premises to ensure guests taste the best of the coast.


Nothing says ‘fresh’ like the quick snap of an oyster shell being cracked opened. Visit Broadway Oysters for your chance to chat with the farmers about how the oysters make their way to your plate. Watch the oysters being freshly opened and feast on some of the finest Sydney Rock Oysters you will find. Take a treat to go with opened, unopened, and bottled oysters available from the venue’s lakeside shed.

Take a closer look at the delicious local produce by hopping on a tour of Pambula Lake. Captain Sponge’s Magical Oyster Tours will take you out onto the waters and give you the freshest tasting possible – straight from the water. Spend two hours marvelling at the clean, clear water and learn about the different species of oysters that are native to the region.

From lakeside oyster sheds to snorkelling in sheltered water, the Sapphire Coast has an unparalleled selection of seafood experiences. While oysters play a huge role in the region’s food scene, there’s no shortage of fish, mussels, lobster, and sea urchin to complete your feast.

Visit the Sapphire Coast for seafood sensations you won’t soon forget.



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