Opera at the Channon

19 June 2013

Few festivals can match Opera at the Channon for their ability to cater to different tastes, but music buffs, theatre lovers, foodies and wine aficionados will all find something to enjoy about this truly unique event.

Now in its 16th year, Opera at the Channon is known as one of the cultural highlights of the year in Lismore, offering up an evening of music, fine food and wine that you’ll never forget on Sunday, July 28.

The event brings the magic of opera to everyone – and whether you are the type who prefers a formal luncheon dressed to the nines or would rather pack your own picnic and sit with your family in the park, you’ll be able to strike a balance that suits you.

All guests at Opera at the Channon will be treated to a spectacular outdoor performance that caters for guests of all ages. Whether you are 18, 90, or anywhere in between, you’ll love being treated to a selection of songs from classic operas and modern musical theatre that offer plenty of fun for everyone.

Lismore, Opera Channon

Opera at the Channon 2011, Lismore. Heru Pinkasova, Dominic Walsh, Deborah Rogers, Sam Hartley, Jillianne Stoll and Geoffrey Ashenden

In previous years, singers from the Queensland Opera Company and professional group Operatif have provided entertainment in Coronation Park in the Channon, creating an unforgettable day.

Tickets can be purchased for the opera only, or you can add on a ‘silver service’ luncheon to make the day even more special – this is served under a grand marquee and attendees are encouraged to dress in their formal best.

While you are in the area, Lismore is also the perfect place to explore some of northern NSW’s best national parks – including Nightcap National Park – to take in the spectacular scenery. Nearby Minyon Falls is also well worth a look, as it is home to a stunning and varied forest that is protected from all logging operations.