Featured Photographer: Amber Hooper Images – The Mudgee Project

17 September 2015

Amber Hooper developed her passion for photography as a teenager in Mudgee, NSW, when she picked up her dad’s old 35mm film camera and knew she wanted to be a photographer.

After studying photography, she returned to Mudgee and established her own commercial photography business. Although she loves to travel and capture the world through her lens, Amber says her home town has always been the heart of her photography.

‘Visually, the region is a stunning blend of rural aspects, heritage facades and contemporary wine and food,’ says Amber. ‘There is so much colour and beauty, from the dirt roads meandering through the endless vineyards to the late afternoon glow on the hilltops. I find it really relaxing waiting for the perfect light to capture a scene and to take in my surrounds. It really connects me to my photography.’

Amber’s love of Mudgee led her to start The Mudgee Project Blog, taking one photo around the region each week for a year to depict the changing seasons and the variety of local community events. The project began as a way for Amber to share her photography with the community and developed a strong online following.

Whether photographing a vineyard scene for Mudgee Region Tourism, out on a location shoot or capturing charity work in Africa, Amber is always waiting for the perfect shot.


'Industrial View', Mudgee

‘Industrial View’, Mudgee

'Sheep Frost', Mudgee

‘Sheep Frost’, Mudgee

'Canola Fields', Mudgee

‘Canola Fields’, Mudgee

'Old Barrels at Steins', Mudgee

‘Old Barrels at Steins’, Mudgee

'Blossoms in Bloom', Mudgee

‘Blossoms in Bloom’, Mudgee

'Mudgee Show', Mudgee

‘Mudgee Show’, Mudgee

'Mudgee Railway Station', Mudgee

‘Mudgee Railway Station’, Mudgee

'Vintage Time at Lowe Wines', Mudgee

‘Vintage Time at Lowe Wines’, Mudgee

'Mudgee Town Clock',  Mudgee

‘Mudgee Town Clock’, Mudgee

'Morning Snow', Hargraves - Mudgee

‘Morning Snow’, Hargraves – Mudgee

'The Drip and Milky Way', Ulan - Mudgee

‘The Drip and Milky Way’, Ulan – Mudgee

'Lawson park', Mudgee

‘Lawson park’, Mudgee

'A Blanket of Fog', Mudgee

‘A Blanket of Fog’, Mudgee

'Afternoon Light', Gulgong - Mudgee

‘Afternoon Light’, Gulgong – Mudgee

 Farmer's Daughter Vineyard - Mudgee

‘Moon rising over Farmer’s Daughter Vineyard’ – Mudgee

'Mudgee Post Office', Mudgee

‘Mudgee Post Office’, Mudgee

'St.Marys Church', Mudgee

‘St.Marys Church’, Mudgee

'The Saddlery', Mudgee

‘The Saddlery’, Mudgee

'The Old Shearing Shed', Mudgee

‘The Old Shearing Shed’, Mudgee

'Autumn Vines', Mudgee

‘Autumn Vines’, Mudgee

'Morning Rays', Mudgee

‘Morning Rays’, Mudgee