Aboriginal culture in NSW this summer

19 November 2013

Corroboree Studio

New South Wales has some of the most diverse and historical Aboriginal culture and events – and this summer is a great time to explore what the area has to offer.

These experiences, events and attractions are great ways to introduce an overseas visitor to NSW, teach the kids about local history or simply remind yourself about the unique culture in the area while touring around this beautiful state.

Here are some great ideas to get you started on your cultural tour of NSW.

Aboriginal art in NSW

If you’re starting a trip from Sydney, don’t forget to check out some of the opportunities in the city to see some fantastic Aboriginal art before you leave. This includes the Indigenous Australians Exhibition at the Australian Museum and The Art Gallery of NSW.

Outside of Sydney, there are great galleries dotted around the region to add to your art-inspired tour of NSW.

Check out the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery for a historical look at art in the area, or stop by the Armidale and Region Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place to see a gallery specifically designed to showcase a large collection of Aboriginal art and culture.

Tri-State Safaris

For a safari into the depths of New South Wales, consider taking a tour on a 4WD with this company that has been successfully running educational and experiential trips into the wilderness since 1992.

You get a choice of how long you wish to spent travelling, from just one day to many, and you also get to choose where you go.

The Two Day Broken Hill Outback Adventure will give you a guided tour of the best local wildlife, a 360 view of the surrounding area from the best vantage point in the land, and a night in the shearer’s quarters at Mount Gipps Station. It will also allow you to get up close to view one of the most exclusive Aboriginal artworks in the country.

Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout

See the stunning Blue Mountains in a whole new way on a six-hour walkabout guided tour. Just two of these hours are spent actually trekking through the forests, while the other four will allow you to learn about the culture and history of this place, relax and enjoy the views.

This tour will let you experience a day in the life of the local Darug language group before Western  contact in 1770, letting you walk in the footsteps of Aboriginal peoples who lived in the area over 200 years ago.

You’ll get to see rock engravings, have a bush tucker tasting, see ancient sites and relics and experience a songline. One highlight for many visitors on this trek is the chance to bathe in a billabong by an impressive waterfall, deep in the mountains we know so well.

Harry Nanya Tours

Any trip to New South Wales in the search of a greater understanding of Aboriginal culture must include one of these guided trips to Mungo National Park.

As the place of the longest continuous record of Aboriginal life in all of Australia, this area has over 50,000 years of history to share. On one of these tours, you’ll get to see that history first-hand from an experienced Paakantyi Aboriginal guide. You only have to walk 2 kilometres to see a large array of history.

If you take this tour during summer (between November and March), the tour will allow you to see one of the area’s famous sunsets, with afternoon tea and dinner thrown in.