Insiders’ Secrets – Graham Clarke

15 February 2016

Graham Clarke, Insider Secrets

Graham Clarke, Insiders’ Secrets


My connections: Sharing my stories and pictures in the sand is my way of connecting people with my storyline, my song line and my dreamtime.

Ancient history: Mungo National Park has revealed some extraordinary finds over the years and clear indication of our ancestors that once wandered these lands.

I love the serenity: The peace and quiet and wide open spaces stretches for miles.

Spectacular landscapes: Lake Mungo was a full lake 12,000 years ago so we have different landscapes to show our guests today. The scenery changes from hard clay mounds to sand dunes while the colouring of the earth ranges from deep reds to beige sands.

Journey back in time: Walking the shores of the now dry lake bed shows signs of our ancestors who once camped and fished here.

Outback wildlife: Many animals live here in their natural environment, including kangaroos, emus, goannas, eagles and plenty of different birds.

Sunsets and stars: On some evenings, sunsets of magnificent colours blazing across the shores of the lake change and you get some beautiful colouring, from pinks to yellows and bright orange. On a clear night the stars are in their millions and I remember the dream time stories my elders told me.

Best thing about my job: Because Mungo National Park is a World Heritage site, it’s known around the world. I have shown people around from all over the world and met some beautiful and extraordinary characters in my time.