Featured Photographer: Rhys Pope

14 March 2016

I bought my first camera, a Canon 500D, 9 years ago, but have since upgraded to a Canon 5D MKii which I have been using now for the past year. I have a passion for being out and about in the world and love getting the chance to capture and share stunning scenes that I experience.

As a local to the picturesque and World Heritage listed Blue Mountains of Australia, I have been able to explore some amazing local locations to learn landscape photography.

With a few opportunities of late to have a little bit of a look around our stunning home state of New South Wales, I have continued to enjoy taking landscape photos frequently.

I have always had a passion for being creative, being involved in jobs and hobbies such as Pastrychef, Graphic Design, Art – Drawing and Painting, and the newest addition to the lot – Digital Photography.

Along my journey, I have been privileged to explore many locations and meet people that have inspired me.

I have to say that the support network within photography has helped me achieve progress rapidly and keeps my drive moving forward at a frantic pace to want to see more of the world, and meet more amazing people.

Photography is something that I enjoy doing, sure, but the most rewarding part of it all is being able to capture amazing scenes and share those scenes with others.

To Contact Rhys Pope:

Email: rhyspopephotography@hotmail.com
Instagram: @rhyspopephotography
Facebook: facebook.com/rhyspopephotography
Flickr: flickr.com/photos/rhyspope
500px: 500px.com/rhyspopephotography

Lake Mummaga Sunset, Eurobodalla

Lake Mummaga Sunset, Dalmeny, Eurobodalla

Katoomba, Blue Mountains

3 Sisters At Sunrise, Katoomba, Blue Mountains

Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains

Misty Mountain Wilderness, Mount Victoria, Blue Mountains

Mount Wilson, Blue Mountains

Tunnel Of Autumn, Mount Wilson, Blue Mountains

Zenith Beach, Port Stephens

Sun Kissed Coastline, Zenith Beach, Port Stephens

Tree Of Dreams, Cowra Region

The Tree Of Dreams, Cowra Region

Horses in Richmond, Hawkesbury Region

Richmond, Hawkesbury Region

Water reflections, Hawkesbury

Reflect On The Good Times, Hawkesbury Lowlands

Grose Valley, Blue Mountains

Circle Work, Grose Valley, Blue Mountains

Sylvia Falls, Blue Mountains

Sylvia Falls, Valley Of The Waters, Blue Mountains

Glenbrook, Blue Mountains

Lennox Bridge, Glenbrook, Blue Mountains

Narooma, Eurobodalla Coast

Australia Rock By Night, Narooma, Eurobodalla Coast

Rural Tranquility, Tarana, Central Tablelands

Rural Tranquility, Tarana, Central Tablelands

Storm, Springwood, Blue Mountains

Wild Night In The Storm, Springwood, Blue Mountains

 Bowen Creek North, Blue Mountains

Canyon Beams, Bowen Creek North, Blue Mountains

Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains

Through The Veil, Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains

Nepean River, Yarramundi

The Glow Of The Sun, Nepean River, Yarramundi

Bronte, Sydney

Good Morning From Bronte, Sydney

 Mrs Macquarie's Chair, Sydney

Home City Of Mine, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Sydney