Featured Photographer: Murray Vanderveer

24 September 2013

Growing up in the Northern NSW countryside I was always present to beautiful landscapes and stunning coastal vistas. This early admiration of the natural world led me to seek out a career that would allow me to express this appreciation. An early stint with a local newspaper gave me just that opportunity and I continued to pursue photography commercially in Sydney with training assisting many of Sydney’s finest photographers and directors.

This early training has given me a reputation for producing award winning photography of the highest quality and the skills to manage large-scale productions. My commercial services also include video production including producing, location management, casting, scheduling, crewing, post-production retouching and all areas of production.

My commercial success is only part of my work in photography with regular appearances in the National Portrait Prize, The Moran prize, and I was twice a finalist in the Archibald Citibank Photographic Portrait Prize. My passion for the environment has led me to work closely with NSW National Parks and Wildlife service, not only providing photography and video services, but also running photography courses in Kosciuszko National Park and holding exhibitions for the Discovery program to help raise funds for Aboriginal Discovery Ranger training.

My enthusiasm for the Australian landscape and its fascinating people led me to create environmental portraiture and exploring these narratives in both still and motion picture mediums.

Website: www.murrayvanderveer.com

Batlow Rocks, Currango, Snowy Mountains

Batlow Rocks, Currango, Snowy Mountains – Image Credit Murray Vanderveer

Gulaga, Barranguba, Montague island

Sunset over Gulaga, Barranguba/Montague island, NSW

Geehi Horse Riders, Snowy Mountains

Geehi Horse Riders, Snowy Mountains – Image Credit Murray Vanderveer

Balloons Aloft, Hunter Valley

Balloons Aloft, Emma Thomas, Michael Jones, Hunter Valley – Image Credit Murray Vanderveer

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Byron Bay Lighthouse – Image Credit Murray Vanderveer

Yarrangobilly Caves, Snowy Mountains

Yarrangobilly Caves, Snowy Mountains – Image Credit Murray Vanderveer

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