Featured Photographer: Lauren Proctor

5 August 2015

My name is Lauren Proctor and I am a trained Graphic Designer from Sydney. I discovered my interest in photography not long after I bought my first Nikon DSLR camera. It was the bottom of the range, nothing fancy, but I was having fun mucking around with it. My interest grew even further when I bought a slightly better Nikon and a decent lens before heading off with a one-way ticket to Vancouver, Canada.

With no plans, no job and all the time in the world, I taught myself how to take better photos. Focusing predominantly on landscapes and animals, as I find people too predictable, I found myself traveling around specifically for the purpose of taking photos. I met other photographers in my travels and learned things from them, but for the most part, everything I have achieved has been through personal trial and error.

After returning back to Sydney 15 months later, my photography has seen me explore a lot of coastline, a few inland spots and created a giant ‘to-do’ list to capture the beauty and diversity of New South Wales. I have lost sleep, used a lot of petrol, lost feeling in my fingers and toes and been battered by a few waves all for the love and excitement of getting ‘that’ shot. I will continue to try and capture better photos while using it as a pretty good excuse to go on little adventures and share my findings with the world. Enjoy!

Cheers, Lauren.


Canoe Pool - Newcastle Beach

The beauty of decay at Canoe Pool – Newcastle Beach

Bald Hill Lookout - South Coast

View from above at Bald Hill Lookout – South Coast

Echo Point - Katoomba

Three sisters, two rainbows, one amazing site at Echo Point – Katoomba – Blue Mountains

Merewether Baths at sunrise - Newcastle

The newly refurbished Merewether Baths at sunrise – Newcastle

Newcastle Ocean Baths

The diving blocks at sunset at the Newcastle Ocean Baths

Wollongong City Beach

The clash of storm and sunset at Wollongong City Beach

Hot Air Balloon - Hunter Valley

Dew drops catch the cobwebs at dawn as we wait for a hot air balloon ride over the Hunter Valley

Merewether Beach - Newcastle

The waves come rolling in at sunrise on Merewether Beach – Newcastle

Kangaroo Valley

Discovered somewhere on a road trip near Kangaroo Valley, there is a lovely cow called Uno Bounty

Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie

The view overlooking Lighthouse Beach looks like everlasting summer fun – Port Macquarie

Muswellbrook, Upper Hunter Region

Angry clouds and lightning strikes over the endless fields of Muswellbrook, Upper Hunter Region

Glenrock State Conservation Area at sunset - Newcastle

The tide is coming in to meet the Glenrock State Conservation Area at sunset – Newcastle

Muswellbrook, Upper Hunter Region

Colourful sunny days at vineyards in Muswellbrook, Upper Hunter Region

Kiama, South Coast

Looking like something out of Lion King, Bombo Quarry is eerily beautiful – Kiama

Moo! - Southern Highlands

Moo! – Southern Highlands

Eveleigh Workshop

The ‘still working’ old Locomotive Workshop at Eveleigh has a real authentic feel to it

Govetts Leap - Blackheath

Strange ‘anti’ sun rays put on a show at sunset overlooking Govetts Leap – Blackheath

Echo Point - Katoomba

Sunrise and colour gradients are worth the early mornings at Echo Point – Katoomba

Wollongong Lighthouse

The house of the rising sun in Wollongong

Little Bay, South-Eastern Sydney

The sun and the waves come through early morning at Little Bay, South-Eastern Sydney