Featured Photographer: Jim Picot

11 May 2015

I’m happily married to Floranie and have 2 children, James and Grace, residing at the beautiful Blue Bay. Having taken up photography in 1977 and gaining my aeroplane license in 1986, I concentrated on aerobatics, mainly flying the Bellanca Citabria, a purpose built aerobatic aircraft for performing rolls, spins, loops etc. In 2000 I obtained my Helicopter License, after training part time for 2 years.  Also a Hang Glider Pilot, flying the cliff’s of the Central Coast for 12 years… funny my wife did not like me flying the aeroplane but liked me flying the Hang Glider! My passion of photography came back in a big way 14 years ago when I purchased a second hand Linhof 617S camera from my friend Ken Duncan. So I was off to capture the landscape with excitement, which has if anything, only intensified. The early morning is my favorite, the air is still clean and when the clouds blossom with colour anything can happen. Each time you go out the landscape and light is different, could be unusual patterns in the sand, a special light or a bizarre looking tree. Being of strong Christian faith when on location is a chance to connect with our creator, so it’s a double blessing!

In the early stages of photography I traveled extensively through south East Asia, and other places such as, The Seychelles Islands, Mauritius, Reunion Island. I have also been travelling through Nepal, India, Siberia, parts of Europe and USA.

In the late eighties I traveled around Australia 2 times on a motor bike, once clockwise and in ’87 anti clockwise, mostly camping in a small tent, except for when I worked in Airlie Beach and Darwin, stayed in some proper accommodation.

In 2004 I accumulated 2 shipping containers (a 40 foot and a 20 foot) full of second hand hospital equipment and shipped it over to Somalia… I fund-raised the money for the shipping costs of $13,000. They were in desperate need with one hospital servicing 800,000 people and a handful of doctors. Long story… I will not go right into it – I traveled with a Somali national and we covered vast areas within Somalia visiting other hospitals and TB clinics. Over 20 years with no government, so there was some uneasy moments with guns everywhere and being searched and staying in very dangerous locations.

I spent some time in Afghanistan just before the Russian invasion, and me being young and naive was wondering why there were no tourists in Kabul… I did not see one single tourist while I was there – I walked into big hotels that were empty! I had to leave my passport at a military barracks and returned to pick it up with an Exit Visa on the day I flew out.

Visited East Timor in 2009, a very poor country, the poorest in South East Asia and one of the poorest in the world. I visited Balibo, the location where the 5 Australian journo’s were murdered by the Indo forces in 1975…  going by the photo’s, it has not changed much, and was a bit spooky as when I returned to Australia, the movie “Balibo” was just released and I watched the movie in Darwin a matter of days from where the movie was shot.

Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, January 2012, which was a great experience. My blood oxygen level was still at 92% at 19,800 feet, so was blessed with no altitude sickness. I traveled on this trip with 2 bodies, a Canon 5D mark 3 and a Nikon D800e. For the lens I took a Canon 2.8 16-35, fisheye, 24mm tiltshift and a 4.5-5.6 100-400 (would have been nice for a more expensive tele, but it was still good), and a 2.8 14-24 Nikor.  A Gitso carbon tripod. I do not mind taking a heavyish tripod and head while travelling as one needs a good sturdy set up, especially considering spending all the money to get there, not much point in using a flimsy thing that makes you limited to what you can shoot in some circumstances.

I love shooting at sunrise the best, something about the early morning light, the ever changing conditions, less people around, the birds chirping in the trees, the sound of the ocean, the clean morning air, time to daydream while your waiting for the shutter to close… it all comes together for a special time!

The Central Coast has an abundance of photo opportunities, with pristine beaches, beautiful countryside, lakes, and creeks – It has it all.

My main background in photography is Landscape, I also shot weddings for 8 years solid… got some nice gigs in Fiji, Lord Howe Island and Uluru. I also shoot portrait work, real estate work, and various commission works.

My main cameras 14 years back was a Linhof Technorama 617S,  Noblex 150UX, and a Hasselblad XPan… all great film camera’s.  Now in the digital age I use a Nikon D810 for landscape and also a Canon 5D Mark 3 for any commercial work that comes my way.

Website: http://www.captureworkshops.com.au
Facebook: facebook.com/JimPicotPhotography?fref=ts

Matcham, Central Coast

Beautiful Autumn colours at Matcham, Central Coast

Tacking Point, Port Macquarie

Beautiful sunrise at Tacking Point, Port Macquarie

Pebbly Beach, South Coast

Cute Walaby at Pebbly Beach, South Coast

Long Jetty, Central Coast

Stunning sunset at Long Jetty, Central Coast

Hunter Valley Balloon Festival

Hunter Valley Balloon Festival, so much fun

Lake Macquarie Area

The amazing Caves Beach, Lake Macquarie Area

Bateau Bay, Central Coast

Waves seemingly going backwards at Bateau Bay, Central Coast

North Avoca, Central Coast

Pushing through the lip at North Avoca, Central Coast

 Anzac Day, Central Coast

Incredible storm on Anzac Day, Central Coast

Pearl Beach, Central Coast

Overlooking Pearl Beach, Central Coast

Catherine Hill Bay, near Newcastle

Amazing view of Catherine Hill Bay, near Newcastle

Winnies Bay, NSW

A room with a view at Winnies Bay, NSW

Norah Head, Central Coast

Beautiful Norah Head, Central Coast

Coogee Beach, Sydney

Life’s a beach at Coogee Beach, Sydney

Stockton Beach, NSW

My Daughter Gracie watching the Camels go by at Stockton Beach, NSW

Pearl Beach Beach, Central Coast

Overlooking Pearl Beach Beach, Central Coast

Koolewong, Central Coast

Paddy’s Jetty sunrsie at Koolewong, Central Coast

The Entrance Ocean Baths, Central Coast

Vivid sunrise at The Entrance Ocean Baths, Central Coast

Long Jetty, Central Coast

My Daughter Gracie, enjoying the sunset at Long Jetty, Central Coast

Bombo near Kiama, South Coast

Amazing wave power and rock features at Bombo near Kiama, South Coast