Top tips for your caravan and camping holiday

19 May 2014

Big4 Nelligen Holiday Park. Image credit: James Horan.

Camping is great fun for the whole family! We’ve put together a list of essential things to know before you brave the great outdoors.

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 Get started before dark

If you need to set up your tent or do any other arranging, make sure you do this before the sun goes down. You might also want to practice setting up at home in the days before leaving.

 Bring a First Aid Kit

Be prepared for any situation you might encounter in the bush. Band-Aids, ointment, sunscreen, and aloe vera may all come in handy.

What to wear

Remember that even if it’s warm during the day, the temperature may drop at night. Bring different clothing options to keep you comfortable, no matter the weather conditions. Pack sunglasses and hats, and consider bringing a raincoat and umbrella to keep you dry, just in case.

 Know your surrounds

You might want to go on a bushwalk or take a hike into town. Those treks can seem easy beforehand, but your surroundings may become unfamiliar. Be prepared with a compass, map, or a GPS device, and keep track of where you are headed, and where you have been.

 Food and batteries

Bringing enough water and food for the trip, and a way to cook it, is vital. Take along some snacks (trail mix, bananas, apples) and bring some extra batteries; this way your body and your flashlight will always remain fully charged!

 Pack toiletries

Amenities can vary across different caravan parks and campsites. Feel as fresh as you do every day at home by packing your essential toiletries, including your toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap, along with sunscreen, insect repellent and toilet paper.

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