Nature and Parks

No trip to New South Wales is complete without spending some time in the states beautiful parks and immersing yourself in its wondrous natural attractions. From the coast to the country, you’re presented with numerous choices for where you want to go next.

New South Wales is home to six of Australia’s World Heritage-listed areas including the beautiful Blue Mountains, Lord Howe Island and the Gondwana Rainforests. Don’t forget about the famous beaches located along the state’s majestic coastline such as Bondi, Manly and Coogee.

With close to 900 NSW national parks, forests and reserves, New South Wales offers an incredibly diverse nature experience. It’s diversity isn’t restricted to land as there are also numerous marine parks for you to explore an underwater world.

There are plenty of ways to explore these beautiful environments. Take a nature tour to learn about native animal habitats, hike across the mixed terrains or camp overnight in a hidden valley. There is no better place to get reacquainted with Mother Nature than New South Wales.

Must do:

  1. Animals in the Wild
  2. Zoos and Wildlife
  3. National Parks in NSW