Arts and Culture

Beauty is ever present throughout the state of New South Wales. Local communities around the state celebrate their heritage through arts and cultural events, museums and galleries. Sydney has countless museums and galleries, lovers of art have numerous avenues to marvel at displays of creativity. Don’t forget to take a look at what some of the smaller towns and villages have on offer as there are hidden gems located across the state.

There are a plethora of cultural attractions worth visiting around NSW such as smaller private museums in towns steeped with history. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through towns such as Broken Hill and marvel at all the World Heritage buildings. Regional galleries are worth the trip to the country alone as they feature collections of Australian art and exhibitions unique to the location.

New South Wales’ diverse terrain and scenic backdrops have not gone unnoticed by Hollywood and have been featured in numerous high profile films. Outback NSW has featured prominently in films featuring huge stars like Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. Re-enact some iconic scenes by visiting towns like SIlverton or check out the memorabilia on display.

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